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    When performing pairing later

    If you do not carry out pairing in the initial setup after purchase, you can perform pairing using the procedure on this page at a later date.
    From the second time you connect, pairing will no longer be necessary.

    • If you are using an iPhone/iPad, do not use the iOS function when pairing. Use the Imaging Edge Mobile Plus for pairing, by following the procedure below.
    • smartphone icon : smartphone operation
    • camera icon : camera operation
    1. cameraOn the camera, select MENU → (Network) → [Smartphone Connect] → [Smartphone Regist.].
      • If you have already installed Imaging Edge Mobile Plus, you can skip steps ② and ③ and proceed to step ④.
    2. smartphoneWhen a QR code is displayed on the camera, scan it using the smartphone.
      • When you cannot connect by the QR code, open the following website from a browser or enter this
        Imaging Edge Mobile Plus screen of the camera. Launch the application and carry out pairing of the camera. The device name will be displayed. The QR code and "Click here to install" are highlighted.
    3. smartphoneFollow the instructions on the screen to install Imaging Edge Mobile Plus.
    4. smartphoneLaunch Imaging Edge Mobile Plus, and select [Start] from the [Connect camera] screen.
      • If you have connected to the Imaging Edge Mobile Plus with a different camera, this screen is not displayed. Open (the Camera Screen) and select (Add camera) on the upper right.
    5. smartphoneSelect [Next] and proceed in accordance with the directions on the screen.
      • Pairing is performed using the Bluetooth function. Enable Bluetooth Settings on your smartphone.
    6. smartphoneWhen the name of the camera is displayed, select [Pairing] and follow the instructions on the screen to perform pairing.
      camera connection screen of the smartphone. "Connect camera" Get started with Setup. By connecting the camera, you can simply perform Remote Shooting and transferring. There are "Start" and "Using without connecting to the camera" options, and "Start" is highlighted.
    7. cameraOn the camera, when [Allow pairing with the device?] is displayed, select [OK].
      • The camera is connected to the Imaging Edge Mobile Plus.
      • On the smartphone side as well, a message requesting permission for the pairing may be displayed.
      • On the smartphone, when the [Now connected with the camera] message is displayed, the connection is complete.
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