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    Operating the camera (Camera Screen)

    If you select (camera), you can perform actions using the camera.

    1. Select (camera) at the bottom of the screen.
      The Home Screen of the application. The option "Camera Screen" at the bottom center of the screen is highlighted.
    2. Perform the desired operation.
      The Camera Screen of the application. At the top right of the screen, there are F(*), H, and G(*) from the left to right, there is A at the center of the screen, and I at the center right. From the left below A, there are B and J, and below that, from the left there are C and K. Below that, there is D. At the bottom left of the screen, there is E, and at the bottom right, there is L. *In Android, the positions of F and G are reversed.
      • A. Connected camera : Displays cameras connected by the Bluetooth function. You can change the camera name from [Edit Device Name] on the menu of the camera.
      • B. Image information on the memory card in the camera
      • C. Remote Shooting : You can use the smartphone as a remote commander to operate the camera from a distant location.
      • D. Setup :
        [Location Information Linkage]
        By enabling this option, the location information of your smartphone can be recorded for the images taken on your camera. Additionally, if you enable [Auto Time Correction] and [Auto Area Adjustment], the time and area settings of your smartphone are automatically reflected in your camera.
        To record location information for the images transferred to the smartphone, from the Remote Shooting menu, set [Location Information]to [On].
        [Transfer notification settings]
        By enabling this option, when you transfer images chosen on the camera, a notification will be sent to your smartphone.
        Disables the camera registration information.
      • E. (Home Screen)
      • F. Add : Adds a new camera.
      • G. Settings :
        [Wi-Fi connection to the camera when the app ends] (Android only)
        Sets whether to maintain the Wi-Fi connection when Imaging Edge Mobile Plus is in the background. The connection is not maintained in the default settings.
        This setting does not exist in the case of iPhone/iPad. (Always disconnects Wi-Fi when in the background)
        [Saving Destination] (Android only)
        Select whether to save images imported into the smartphone to internal storage or SD card. This does not exist on the iPhone/iPad.
        [Connecting without pairing]
        Use this option when connecting the camera and the smartphone only with Wi-Fi setup of the smartphone, and not performing pairing by the Bluetooth function.
      • H. Owned device list : You can view the Help Guide and compatibility information of the camera. Select [Edit] to register the camera you are using.
      • I. Other cameras : If there are multiple cameras you have paired with, you can switch to one of the other cameras.
      • J. Camera battery information
      • K. View and Import : You can view the images on the memory card in the camera, and transfer these images to your smartphone.
      • L. (Storage Screen): You can browse and filter the images imported to Imaging Edge Mobile Plus.
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