• Maximum brightness

        1,000 cd/m2

      • Android version

        Supports device running Android 4.4 or higher.

      • Weight

        Eyewear: Approx. 77 g (excluding the cable), Controller: Approx. 45 g (1.6 oz) (excluding the cable)

      • Dimensions Controller

        Approx. 54 mm × 21 mm × 60 mm

      • Display resolution

        419 × 138 pixel

      • Dimensions Eyewear (folded)

        180 mm × 39 mm × 72 mm, 180 mm × 39 mm × 182 mm

      • NFC

        NFC Forum Type 3 Tag Compliant

      • Display type

        Binocular, see-through (transmittance more than 85%)

      • Connecting terminal

        Micro USB terminal

      • Camera

        Still images: 3 Megapixels , Video:JPEG Stream without sound(QVGA equivalent, resolution) For more information on how to use the JPEG stream in your app, see the SmartEyeglass SDK

      • *1 When using the device under the following conditions

        The displayed images are always on and the setting of the display brightness is the default.

      • Display color

        Monochrome (green)

      • Wireless LAN


      • Sensor

        Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Electronic compass, Brightness sensor, Microphone, Noise suppression sub microphone

      • Grey scale

        8 bit

      • *4 The battery life may vary depending on your smartphone.

      • Note

        It is not possible to wear this device if you are already wearing other glasses. (You cannot put on the eyewear while wearing glasses.), This device may not be able to be used by people whose interpupillary distance is outside the 54.5mm (2 1/4 in) to 72.5mm (2 7/8 in) range.

      • Cable length

        Approx. 63 cm

      • Battery life *1*2*3*4

        When the camera is not used: Approx. 150 minitues with continuous use, When the camera is used: Approx. 80 minitues with continuous use

      • Display field of view

        Diagonal 20° (19° × 6°)

      • Bluetooth

        Bluetooth Specification version 3.0

      • *3 When you connect to the wireless LAN, battery life becomes shorter even if the camera is not

      • Power

        Maximum charge voltage: 4.25 V DC, Maximum charge current: 0.9 A

      • *2 May differ depending on the ambient temperature or application usage.

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